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DIY Fine Crepe Paper Rose

Note: These are instructions for the fine crepe paper rose template. If you are looking for the basic paper rose instructions, click here.

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Video Tutorial

Step-By-Step Instructions

Once you have printed out the template, cut out the template pieces, and gathered your supplies, we can start making the flower! This begins at step 4 from the instructions PDF.

Step 4: Cut out centre petals and strips

Step 5: Make the centre of the flower

Step 6: Apply the first 3 rounds of petals

Round 1: 2 petals

Round 2: 3 petals

Round 3: 3 petals

Step 7: Apply the next 2 rounds of petals

Round 4: 3 petals

Round 5: 5 petals

Step 8: Apply the final 2 rounds of petals

Round 6: 5 petals

Round 7: 5 petals

Step 9: Cut setals, leaf, and stem covering

Step 10: Glue sepals to the base of the flower

Step 11: Assemble leaves

Step 12: Cover the stem and attach leaf

Step 13: Finishing up

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